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Automotive PDI

Automtoive Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) is the process of preparing a vehicle for delivery to the end-customer.


The PDI process begins the moment the vehicle leaves customs and is handed to the distributor / dealer, and it ends with the final supplier taking care of the final touches, such as the car wash and wax, before handing it over to the customer.

PDI is a mandatory process in the automotive vehicle distribution chain, therefore the PDI system is an important link in the automotive world.

Managing this process successfully is a great challenge.


The major issue automotive players face while trying to streamline the PDI chain is how to successfully manage the complexity of multiple suppliers in order to create an effective, time saving process.


A.D.S. provides easy-to-use and efficient software tools that assist the automotive players to manage this tricky procedure, which involves so many different vendors and the need for outsourced services.

Using the A.D.S. vehicle management and service modules, the PDI process turns into a well managed procedure that allows the different parties involved to achieve a clear overview of the vehicle's status.


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